Rachael Allen

Rachael Allen
Assistant Teaching Professor
Biological and Chemical Sciences

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188 BSB
Vertebrate anatomy


I have a relatively wide range of research interests. Primarily I am a vertebrate anatomist and enjoy working on topics related to comparative anatomy as well as the anatomy of humans. I maintain dermestid beetle colonies and have had several students work on projects involving dissection, skeleton preparation, and mounting of skeletons. One such project resulted in the red kangaroo skeleton display that is located in the first floor corridor of the Biological Sciences building. I am currently working on a project that involves 3D scanning also.

As well as the anatomy I am interested in investigating observable patterns relating to vertebrate evolution, and have a history of working in vertebrate paleontology. In addition I am also interested in invertebrate biology and have several colonies of beetles, isopods, and other invertebrates that will be the subject of future research. Topics may include observing the interactions between species as well as the feasibility of using different species in skeleton preparation. I have also had students that have worked out in the field collecting invertebrates, identifying them, and comparing their abundance at different localities. Other potential areas of interest include phylogenetic analysis, and gross-level morphological comparative studies.