The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences presents weekly seminars that advance our knowledge of the sciences.

Regular seminars are 3:45 - 5 p.m. (room 522 SH) every Thursday during the semester.


Division of Biological Sciences - Fall 2019 Seminars 

 Faculty hosts for each guest are listed below. 


August 22 - Gregory Finnigan, Ph.D., Kansas State University (Bouyain)

August 29 - Ting Xie, Ph.D., Stowers Institute for Medical Research (Price)

September 5 

September 12 - Dudley Strickland, Ph.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine (Smith)

September 19 - Dan McIntosh, Ph.D., University of Missouri - Kansas City (Klamm)

September 26 - Robert Wessells, Ph.D., Wayne State University School of Medicine (Dissel)

October 3 - Owen Pornillos, Ph.D., University of Virginia School of Medicine (Bouyain) 

October 10 - Paul Taghert, Ph.D., Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (Dissel)

October 17 - Mark Johnson, Ph.D., UMKC School of Dentistry (White) 

October 24 - Craig Weiss, Ph.D., Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (Huang)

October 31 - Xiangping Chu, M.D., Ph.D., UMKC School of Medicine (Wang)

November 7 - Valérie Mongrain, Ph.D., Université de Montréal (Dissel)

November 14 - Jocelyn McDonald, Ph.D., Kansas State University (Dissel)

November 21 - James Eckner, M.D., University of Michigan (Huang)

December 5 - Nathan Bahr, Ph.D., Kansas University Medical Center (White)